8/31 by Deco*27 ft. Hatsune Miku

Deco*27-san has uploaded another song from his Conti Album for Miku’s birthday (as he had intended for all along). I love this short but moving being and until I get around to subs you can find the lyrics here:


MikitoP(愛島工房) ft. GUMI - “Ballerina Girl” バレリーコ

(warning: mature content)

"By the time I realized its significance, it was over. The sound of our slippers echoes from the stairwell of the old school building…"

Sorry for the delay but I’m finally back online here in the US. (Vacation with family in South Carolina left me with minimal internet), and WOW what a song to come back to. I suppose I’ll never look at the concept of two high-schoolers “getting it on” on a staircase (pretty trashy when I was in school a few years ago, hopefully still is) the same way again. This song isn’t just a “secret” song about sex, it’s a pretty deep story about how some people experience love and “growing up” (but not necessarily in a good, happy, or satisfying way as many of us can attest to from our HS years). For those who haven’t heard of it before, I think it would be wise to read up on “The Black Swan” to better understand some of the text and references in the video. Several parts of the story are shaped by Japanese highschool life as well, ranging from some of the references in the intro and lyrics to the “odoriba” parts (“dance hall”, as it was mistranslated on Nico in this case (or was it?!!), but also “landing”), which in reference to school and buildings generally refers to the landing of a stairwell, the kind of place you realistically might (and in fiction quite often do) hook-up with someone in a Japanese school building I suppose (*blush*). See that place below the girl’s knees when she is sitting on the bannister? That floor reflected in the mirror? That is the “odoriba”. But it is a creative kind of wordplay as I guess that is indeed her “stage” as she “dances” (has sex) with that guy she’s into (I’m really subtle, so is MikitoP). It’s funny, I didn’t even know that term in English still I started teaching in Japan haha. Also we don’t really have uwabaki (indoor shoes) in the west, so I translated it as “school slippers” (referring to those white, soft-soled shoes Japanese school kids wear). I hope people will not hate on this song too much for being “disgusting” and will instead appreciate MikitoP’s team’s hard work (just look at all those amazing “film” artifacts they put into the song at times to make it look like a legit film reel screening!!), and the depth of the lyrics and how they refer to the sometimes painful and bittersweet lessons that teens learn when they take those first steps towards “growing up”. All the ballerina poses probably don’t refer to “those” kind of poses, but rather more how she is putting on a ballet performance like “The Black Swan” for that boy who she thinks is “the one” for her, although in the end the song is really about them having sex after school so it’s not like you can polish that up too much lol. There’s a few times MikitoP even drops some very blunt references, including her talking about bleeding during her first time and also the on-screen text 目合ひ, which literally means “sex”. Also, that imagery with the slacks and skirt, that is basically as dirty as you are imagining most likely. I mean, that “heave ho” “up down” stuff is subtle too (lol) but I mean there is probably only one thing (person?!?, lol!) the guy is holding and lifting and it probably ain’t a shrine at a festival (lol). Finally, the phrase 暗転 that appears in the “Fade to Black” part is in fact a stage direction in Japanese, but can also mean “things taking a turn for the worse” that coupled with the little pools of “light” that appear, probably tell a symbolic story about how the girl isn’t really making headway with the boy (it seems like he leaves her or she gives up on him for double-timing eventually), and those little spots of light are the moments when things seem “ok” (aka probably when they’re having sex (I’M SO SUBTLE!)). I’m not MikitoP or a mind-reader but I am just trying to help people understand the song a bit, so I can’t set anything in stone, but if you have more questions I will try to elaborate in the future.

Original Upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24108252

Instrumental: http://bit.ly/1ppjEBJ

music&words みきとP(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_
illust 田中寛崇 http://gomnaga.org @tanakahirotaka
movie りゅうせー(mylist/7985102)@ryuuseee
engineer 友達募集P(mylist/22904031)@tomobop
-from the Love-Island Workshop 愛島工房 (MikitoP’s Creative Group)

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Hello its me again. Thanks for answering my previous questions and I'm here to ask more, I hope you don't mind. By some chance do you watch anime also? And also, can you suggest me some Vocaloid songs probably Miku, IA, Aoki lapis, or Luka. I can listen to Gumi, Rin and Yuzuru Akari too. I'd like some thing that is relaxing like "A sky more apt to cry than usual" or something that is cute like "Unrequited Love Crawl"

The answer to your first question is yes. as for your second question, I recommend watching the Vocaloid ranking shows on Nicovideo and looking over my translated playlists on YT and those of other subbers. It’s really hard to recommend songs out of thousands and it’s best just for you to discover things you like by yourself. But if there’s one thing, keeno’s songs are all beautiful, relaxing, sad, and amazing. (However I suppose you need a bit of a mature/adult level perspective on life and love to fully appreciate the lyrics I guess.) Nagi is also a similar, newer producer.

I'm wondering are your going to translate any other songs for IA Rocks?

I’m of course not going to say no (and the answer is in fact “probably”) but just keep in mind that I don’t really think that way. I translate songs because I like producer and (most importantly) if the song has lyrics I enjoy. So the truth is that I will probably do more songs but it probably won’t be because I am trying to feature IA’s new VBs (even though I really do like them)

Do you get a lot of "TEACH ME JAPANESE!!"-type asks?

Well some, but I mean, everyone has to study hard to learn it and there’s really no other choice. Most people understand that. I’d say I get more “How do I learn Japanese?” type questions and I am glad to answer those, offer advice and help people. I am always happy to provide advice but I just hope people understand that I can’t provide lessons.

Also, studying translations isn’t the best Japanese study tool either because they involve a lot of interpreting and modification to make them enjoyable despite the difference in language and culture. Once you have learned Japanese fundamentals it’s perfectly fine to study my translations or that of other subbers/scanlators and ask yourself questions like “Why did they write it like that? What does that line really mean? Would I translate that differently/better if I were doing it?”, but in no way will subs help you get a start with Japanese.


Introducing a new series, Shiwa, based on the famous song by buzzG!


Chiharu isn’t a girl who sees the point in things like romance. To her, boys are just an annoyance—but what will she do when she starts to develop feelings for a boy at her school?


Translation: Descent Proofing: Sunny

▧ Cleaning: Defenestrate Typesetting: Sutorumie

Start reading now [ Chapter 1 ]

Enjoy! ☆

~ Vocalations

Another vocalations release is out! Be sure to check out Shiwa, the famous dokidoki filled BuzzG tune that is now a manga!

UtataP ft. IA ROCKS - Betrayer Module ウラギリモジュール (English Subtitles)

"Is that smile I believed in just a figment of my imagination?"

I’ve been too busy to comment on it much but these new IA “appends” actually sound pretty darn good. This new song by the UtataP/wogura/Tori Hitsuji crew will be part of the IA ROCKS demo album that is being released concurrently with the new software. Seeing Tori Hitsuji involved in the project has to make you wonder if this song will be leading to other, potentially bigger “projects” in the near future. “Happiness Series” meets SAO anyone? Lol.

Original Upload:  http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23923054
Karaoke: http://commons.nicovideo.jp/material/nc93643
Karaoke w/Chorus: http://commons.nicovideo.jp/material/nc93644

[Illustration]wogura mylist/21652275 Twitter:@wogura
[Lyric]Torii Hitsuji mylist/34905144 Twitter:@tory_hitsuji
[Music/Movie]UtataP mylist/3321393 Twitter:@tKomine

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" I've really stopped getting invested in this series emotionally since the novel made it clear that high school love is well...just high school love, " Would you consider transiting the manga/novels/w.e as well?

Renna-chan, a member of our translation team at Vocalations is working on it right now. You can check it out on her tumblr/site.

When I said I stopped getting invested in the series, I meant just that lol. I don’t care enough anymore to really go deep into translating the overall storyline. I personally think it’s better to just enjoy these songs one at a time in a “oh that’s cute” kind of way, especially because if you get too caught up in the story, you might not like everything you find (depending on what kind of person/personality you are).

A “Hitomebore” Story

I mentioned it in the video description of the TakanonP song I just posted, but as for one of my favorite doki doki words, 一目惚れ/hitomebore (Love at First Sight), I do have a cute and interesting story. It also shows how word travels in a small town like mine.

So, on Tuesday afternoons when I play with the kids at the afterschool program in the elementary school, I often help them do their homework. My Japanese is also at a level now where I can basically help these kids up to 5-6th grade with their kanji too and I enjoy showing off to the little kids (since there’s no way for me to impress a middle schooler or adult except for in a “oh look a foreigner is writing our language! omg it’s a miracle!” kind of way). So it was during one of these sessions that I was taking turns writing my favorite words with some second-graders at one of the tables, when I taught them all 一目惚れ (they haven’t learned the kanji for 惚れる (to fall in love) yet). Because 2nd graders don’t really know or think much about “love”, I didn’t think they would even remember it after I explained it. (in fact they didn’t seem too interested in it lol)

4 days later I take a trip to our local onsen to take a bath and have dinner on a Saturday night when I meet one of the ladies at the front desk who in the course of our conversation tells me “So Descent-sensei, I hear that you are quite the romantic”, I was surprised but I laughed and asked her why she said that. Well apparently, the mother of one of those girls, Aki-chan, (a cute girl who spends more time wearing my glasses when I’m at the after-school program than I do most days lol) works at the onsen, and she came home to find Aki practicing 一目惚れ over and over again on the kitchen table. She asked her why she knew that word and Aki told her “well it’s descent-sensei’s favorite word!”.

So yeah…even with the best of intentions, be careful what you say (and write) in a small town where word travels quickly!

TakanonP ft. GUMI - On the “Love at First Sight” Express 特急ひとめぼれ (English Subtitles)

"When this "Love at First Sight" Express leaves the station, it won’t be stopping until it gets to you"

I found this cute song today thanks to a question from commenter and translated it because it contains one of my favorite Japanese phrases, 一目惚れ (Hitomebore/Love at First Sight). It is also by the amazing TakanonP who I really admire for the effort they put into rhyming their lyrics, which is really quite rare in the Vocaloid community. The by-line of the song and the title can pretty much be explained by realizing that 特急(tokyuu) Special Express trains are special services that stop a significantly fewer stops than the normal trains and in Gumi’s case, her “special express” only has one very important station to call upon. Anyhow I hope you enjoy this song!

Original Upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22258663
YT Official (Please visit and subscribe): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_fZR-TsZ20


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